Books from Norway: A compelling saga of those Norwegian-Americans who never went home again

Jon Magnus, the author, at the smallholding in Tørdal, Norway, the home that his great-uncle left in 1904.

Jon Magnus, author and a former journalist and correspondent for Norwegian daily VG, began searching for answers. What had happened to his great-uncle who left home in Norway in 1904 and who wasn’t heard from for 47 years?

Books from Norway now provides you with English-language information about his non-fiction book The Letter from Minnesota – In the Shadow of the American Dream. You can also download and read the preface of the book.

Jon's story starts at the Telemark Canal waterway and goes to North-Dakota, Minnesota and finally California. We meet Eivind and Aaste – Edwin and Esther in their new country – just two among a million Norwegian immigrants pursuing happiness in North-America during the years from 1840 to 1940.

It's a vibrant portrait of individuals and their surroundings and a compelling saga of those Norwegian-Americans who never went home again.

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The book Brevet fra Minnesota (Norwegian language) is published by Maana forlag, Oslo. Do you have any questions, please contact the publisher at or visit our website

The author Jon Magnus at home in Drøbak, Norway.


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